Women Writing for (a) Change

In 1991, Mary Pierce Brosmer gathered a group of women around the kitchen table, to be and write in a way that was non-existent in the world.  Supportive, nurturing, listening. These were the tenets that Women Writing for (a) Change were founded upon. Twenty-five years later, despite the name, Women Writing for (a) Change has not altered its original mission.

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Annette Januzzi Wick is certified in the processes of Women Writing for (a) Change.

While raising my son, I returned to freelance work, developing websites, and discovered Women Writing for a Change® (WWfaC). WWfaC is non-profit, creative writing center for women from all walks of life. In the past fourteen years, I have been named Energetic Arts Volunteer, served on the board, produced The Podcast Edition available on iTunes and acted in a marketing volunteer capacity.

As part of a core group of facilitators, certified in the practices of WWfaC, I regularly lead workshops and classes for a wide demographic in Greater Cincinnati, including Alzheimer’s individuals, students with developmental and learning disabilities, and young women’s classes.

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