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cropped-jannuzzi_july_69-copy1.jpgI was raised in the shoe family of Januzzi’s Shoes. The ditty on the radio in the 80’s went something like this: “All over the street, to happy feet. Get your shoozies at Januzzi’s.” For some, they put on their writer’s hat. For me, I wear my writer’s shoes.

Author, Teacher, Writer and Mother. Annette Januzzi Wick blogs on life – a mixing of families, thoughts and words – and a dog!

“I never knew what I thought, until I started writing…”

What is she up to on now?

Book Cover - JpgHer latest novel is an exploration of the power of music as a bridge between past and present, how music evokes memories that connects across generations and hearts.


Read her memoir, I’ll Be in the Car: One Woman’s Story of Love, Loss and Reclaiming Life. Visit I’ll Be in the Car Amazon page.

Check out her 30 day journey to recognize Alzheimer’s Awareness month at Dementia Dilemma.

Her most recent blog has everything you always wanted to know about adjusting to city living in Over-the-Rhine. Getting’ My City On

Use the above links to find more information on books, workshops and blogs. Thanks for visiting!

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