I’ll Be in the Car: One Woman’s Story of Love, Loss and Reclaiming Life

When Annette Wick’s young husband dies, she is ill-prepared for the challenge of reclaiming her life. I’ll Be in the Car relates her inspiring quest to become a mother—and a woman—again.

Car_dj_110905_coverAnnette reveals to us her innermost doubts about her husband and herself as they wash over her, wave after wave. When Annette reflects back on her youthful romance, she confesses her need to find a calling. But instead of pursuing a promising career, Annette meets Devin and changes course from working woman to wife and mother. She recounts how, soon after their dream move to the Oregon coast, her new life is shattered when Devin is diagnosed with leukemia.

Resolute, Annette marches with Devin through the cycles of disease and remission, riding the roller coaster of hope and disappointment and, finally, resignation to the inevitable. When the crisis ends, what remains for Annette is a most daunting task—freeing herself from grief to rediscover who she has become.

Rich in its honesty, I’ll Be in the Car brings hope to those caring for a loved one through life-altering events. Annette Car_dj_110905_backWick is a clear voice for all who are silently living out their losses. She frankly describes her frustration, rage and despair as the one person responsible for Devin’s seemingly endless care. While celebrating her blessings Annette is equally candid with her blunders, ultimately recognizing that no one can be perfect in this most imperfect of situations. Most valuable of all, Annette writes of how she keeps her sanity when reality itself seems insane.

I’ll Be in the Car is not a book about death and grieving; it is a love story about life and living and finding the will to go on when you believe your reasons for living have died.

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